What is a commercial real estate appraisal?


Commercial appraisals are a calculated assessment of value for any type of commercial property.  Property types include, among others, multi-family apartment buildings, retail commercial shops, office, office-warehouse, industrial and vacant land.


Our staff has three general certified appraisers who specialize in commercial appraisals with over 80 years of combined experience.  We service the Greater Columbus Area and some portions of southern and western Ohio.


Reasons to have a commercial real estate appraisal:


·         Estimate market value to assist buyers and sellers with contract negotiations and/or marketing of commercial properties


·         Assist in obtaining financing (mortgage loan)


·         Tax appeal assessments


·         Probate court documentation


·         Domestic court documentation


·         Assist with business planning/dissolution issues


·         Consulting with a client on commercial real estate investment matters


·         Supporting lease negotiations